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Connecting a Chromebook Device to a Home WiFi Network
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This guide will provide you the steps to connect your child’s STPS Chromebook device to your home’s Wi-Fi network.


Step 1: Power on the Chromebook. 

If the Chromebook does not power on, please plug in the device as it may be low on power.



Step 2: Scroll to the lower right corner of the screen and click on the Wi-Fi signal strength icon.

*Please see the blue arrow. It will bring up a control menu.


Step 3: Locate the blue Wi-Fi signal icon  and click on the drop down arrow under the blue Wi-Fi signal icon. 




Step 4:  You will see a list of available wifi networks appear similar to the below image.  Locate and click your home’s wifi network from the list that appears.



Step 5: After clicking on your home’s wifi network, you will be asked to ‘Join the Network’.


Step 6: Enter in the password to connect to your home’s wifi network in the field provided and click ‘Connect’.


Step 7: You should now be connected to your home’s wifi network. You can verify this by completing Steps 1-3 in this guide.  In addition to helping you connect to a wifi network, Steps 1-3 also provide you the ability to verify which wifi network the device is connected to. 

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