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Transfer or Download Your Data
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Transfer or Download your data with Google 




Transferring Folders/Files from Your Sparta Google Account 

to Your Personal Google Account on a Device



  1. Login to your Sparta Google account.

  2. Go to your Drive.

  3. Select all the documents in your Drive. 

    1. To select all the documents: 

      1. Left click on the first folder/ file in your Drive so it is highlighted blue.

      2. Scroll to the bottom of your Drive.

      3. Hold down the Shift Key and Left click again.

      4. All folders/files will be selected.

  4. Once all of your documents are selected, go to the three vertical dots on the right hand side of your Drive account and select Download.

  1. Drive will automatically zip your folders/files and store them in ‘Downloads’.

  2. Once all of the folders/files in your Drive have been zipped, you will have the option to ‘Show in Folder’.

  3. Click on the ‘Show in Folder’ option.

  4. You will see your zipped folder in Downloads.

  5. If you are using a thumb drive > Insert the thumb drive into the device > You will see it appear as a location.

  6. Drag and drop your zipped folder from Downloads to your thumb drive.

  7. Once the zipped folder is on your thumb drive, you can logout of your Sparta Google Drive.

  8. You can do the remaining steps now or later.


Remaining Steps:

  1. Login to your personal Google account. 

    1. Important Note: If you are using your Chromebook you will have to open a ‘New Incognito Window.’

  2. Make sure your thumb drive is in the device.

  3. Go to your Drive in your personal account.

  4. Click on My Drive > and select Upload folders.


  1. A dialog box will appear and you will see your thumb drive as an option on the left hand side.

  2. Click on the thumb drive location in the dialog box > Locate the zipped folder > Click on it so it is selected > Click ‘Open With’ > Select Zip Extractor.

  3. Contents will be extracted.

  4. You now should see your folders/files appear in your personal Google Drive.

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